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Class Types

Classes are available for dancers of all ages and skill levels 

Highland Essentials and Highland Precision

Each dancer will be assigned a Highland Essentials class. Highland Precision classes are designed to work in conjunction with Highland Essentials classes to provide an additional hour of instruction per week with a focus on technique and stamina.


​​Dancers that are brand new to Highland dance. 



Dancers that are currently competitive or wish to compete.



Just for the fun of it!



Dancers 16+ that may have Highland danced in the past, or adult dancers that are looking to try something new.

Highland Hustle

A completely original dance workout based on Highland dance with the odd ceilidh step thrown in! No dance experience necessary.


Class Length

Primary/Beginner/Novice/Adult Beginner - 1 hour

Intermediate/Premier - 1.25 hours

Highland Hustle - 1 hour


*Private lessons available by request*

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